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When you and your spouse cannot agree on custody issues, the court will make these decisions for you. Before it gets to that, you should retain an attorney to ensure your rights are not violated.

How a Child Custody Attorney Helps

When you retain a child custody attorney like Martha Maher, she will ensure that your rights are not being violated. Ms. Maher will also try to negotiate a child custody deal outside of court, ensuring the custody and visitation schedule is in the best interests of the children and that you get a fair share of time sharing.

How Time Sharing is Determined

Parents may create their own time sharing schedule or the court may order a time sharing schedule when the parents cannot agree on a schedule.

The court looks at factors such as which parent is more likely to foster a loving relationship between the children and the other parent, which parent is more likely to allow the children frequent contact with the other parent and which parent is more likely to take care of the children’s daily emotional, physical, educational, developmental and special needs. Additionally, the court looks to see if any type of abuse is in a parent’s history, including child abuse, spousal abuse and substance abuse.

Creating Your Own Time Sharing Schedule

Allowing the court to determine a time sharing schedule often isn’t a problem for many, but for those who have atypical work schedules, a court’s schedule is not usually the best option. The court may order one parent to have every other weekend, one overnight every week and alternating holidays.

Parents may decide to split custody equally. The children may live with one parent fifty percent of the time or with the other parent fifty percent of the time. Each parent is responsible for child care while the child is with that parent, and generally gives the other parent first right of refusal. This means that you ask your spouse if he or she would like to take the children before you send the child to daycare or hire a babysitter.

Most parents have the children spend the morning on major holidays with one parent and then the afternoon with the other parent. They may even switch mornings and afternoons every year so that the children have a chance to open presents in the morning with each parent and to enjoy holiday dinners with each parent.

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